"We can not predict the future."

But together we can shape it.

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The art of Success

Understanding customers’ needs and developing complete solutions based on their requirements, even exceeding their rightful expectations – this simple rule for market success is one of the most difficult to fulfil. That is partly because manufacturers and users have completely different requirements. It can also be because a product destined for a global market is subject to cultural differences. The way we see it, these kinds of complex challenges always provide an opportunity to create and innovate new solutions. Taking this opportunity is what robart’s art of success is all about!

As a highly-qualified team of international high-tech experts with a creative and intercultural approach to developing new solutions for complex challenges, robart drives the household robot evolution to reach greater utilisation, new opportunities and the highest level of operating convenience. As a result, robart stands for a new generation of robots.

The Founders

The robart company was founded in 2009 by Dr. Harold Artés and Michael Schahpar. As CTO, Dr. Artés heads development at robart. Previously, he worked in Silicon Valley (USA) for several years leading algorithm development at a fabless semiconductor firm. As an experienced founder and manager of various SMEs, Michael Schahpar is responsible for Marketing, Sales, Finance and Administration.

Caption: Funded by JITU-Seedfinancing from BMWFJ, organised by aws.