"Efficiency means
to achieve more with less resources."

We have got the solution.

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The art of Efficiency

Two factors determine success: cost and benefit. The benefit stems from our Artificial Intelligence concept, which enables many new features – including convenient control by using a smartphone or tablet. Because the specialists at robart are used to thinking things through to an integrated solution, they manage to not only create benefits for customers but also support manufacturers of robotic devices with attractive prerequisites for development and production. This includes straightforward integration in existing products and no-compromise adaptation to individual expectations.

Because these products are destined for the mass market, it is essential that they deliver impressive performance at low cost. That is why, due to a lack of any alternative on the market, robart developed a proprietary navigation sensor that meets the required specifications at a low build cost. Likewise, regarding electronic components, robart has optimised complex software to put the available resources of cost-effective processors to better use while reducing costs.

This perfect interplay of lower costs and more benefits is what robart means by the art of efficiency.

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