"We can not predict the future."

But together we can shape it.

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The art of Advantage

For manufacturers, it has never been easier to launch an intelligent robot within a predictable time plan featuring a series of user-relevant capabilities. With the complete product range from robart, all existing household robots – regardless of type – can be quickly and relatively easily upgraded by at least one generation, today. This competitive advantage is long-term thanks to ongoing updates to the robart software.

This art of advantage is achieved by robart due to its specialisation in an easy-to-implement overall package of products and services – unique worldwide – extending from electronics and software through to the complete Smart Home Concept.

The functions below are part of the art to fulfil manufacturer’s needs:

  • Cost-effective high-tech solution

    The innovative navigation of robart enables the development of attractive and competitive products with clear market advantages at minimal cost. That is because instead of relying on expensive components, robart promotes the use of intelligent software that, compared to the excellent results achieved, has a relatively low impact on the hardware.
  • Trusted secrecy partner

    robart is a trusted partner for manufacturers of different types of mobile robot looking for new potential to secure their market success. This requires an exchange of valuable ideas and other sensitive information, which is subject to the strictest confidentiality at robart. After all, the company’s business model is based on mutual trust within a development partnership, which cannot be abused under any circumstances. The whole team at robart is committed to confidentiality.
  • High-speed product development

    The unique robart navigation solution enables manufacturers to develop their own robots in an extremely short time – quickly introducing to the market a technically superior product. This means lower costs, less risk and a faster return on investment.
  • Complete electronics solution

    The electronics package includes all the necessary components to match the robot’s application. For a vacuum cleaner robot, for example, this means all control circuits for transport and cleaning motors, dedicated battery management for all standard types of battery as well as the capability of integrating additional sensors.
  • Compatible with every design of robot

    The robart navigation solution is designed for use in a wide range of household robots. This means that all specifications in terms of shape, size, type of motor, position of sensors and cleaning components, can easily be fulfiled.
  • Individually adaptable performance

    All relevant behaviour rules for the robots can be adapted to individual requirements. For example, it is easy to modify the cleaning strategy of a vacuum cleaner robot.
  • Comprehensive support and service

    robart is specialised in the development of complete navigation solutions to be used in different mobile household robots. Across-the-board support is available accordingly. Depending on customer-specific requirements, support is available throughout the entire process: from the initial design phase of the robot through to development (including adaptation to customer-specific requirements), manufacturing (e.g. end of line testing) and after-sales service, including software updates.
  • Smart Home: robots for daily life

    The unique technology of robart enables robots to be integrated to a previously unattainable depth in people’s day-to-day life. Smart Home functions controlled intuitively by smartphone or tablet fulfil everyday tasks and offer numerous possibilities for interaction, promoting an emotional bond between the robot and its users. Robots can thus be more attractively positioned compared to run-of-the-mill models, generating essential competitive advantages.
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