"Intelligent navigation creates new possibilities."

We enable next generation robots.

The art of Future

Mobile household robots are playing an increasing role and prove to be useful helpers for cleaning, among other tasks. However, the key to the hearts of the owners – autonomous navigation – was previously missing. Continuous registration and constant interpretation of surroundings, assessment of any problems that are detected, plus active communication, are all forms of artificial intelligence which the user rightly expects with a view to making the household smarter. Robots with such capabilities are thus regarded as more reliable, more modern and of a higher quality.

What may sound so logical is in fact a major challenge in practice with regard to cost-sensitive mass markets. This is why robart specialises in offering a trend-setting technology with high cost-efficiency. With this electronic complete solution, manufacturers of a wide variety of indoor robots now have the opportunity to develop new products or improve existing ones by generations thanks to easy and fast implementation. Moreover, with its own Smart Home Concept, robart has taken the next logical step in providing innovations that fill end consumers with enthusiasm.

This is what robart means by the art of shaping the future.