"How many unintelligent robots are working here?"

We are sure: not a single one.

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Future-safe robotics

Within the dynamic developments of the mobile indoor robot market there hides enormous potential, based on reliable and cost-effective navigation. Versatile innovation opportunities await, especially in the areas of transport, telepresence, entertainment and security. With a navigation solution that thanks to its straightforward adaptability can quickly be adjusted to widely ranging application profiles and at the same time delivers impressive performance at low cost, robart opens up the full spectrum of opportunities to manufacturers in this promising future-oriented market. In addition, robart offers comprehensive support during development and production.

The fact that robots will play an increasing role in the very near future is already apparent today. Who will take advantage of the business potential available remains to be seen. What is certain, is that robart will deliver the advantage required to realise the future opportunities of robotics.

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