"Does this look like household chore?"

With our solution: yes.

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More convenience, more innovations, more possibilities: robart Smart Home

robart Smart Home is an option that enables location independent communication with the robot via the internet to open up various convenient features such as:

  • Displaying an intuitive map on the screen of the user’s smartphone or tablet
  • Innovative control of the robot by touching the map
  • Intuitive creation of an activity plan (e.g. control route for security robots or route for cleaner robots)
  • Efficient human machine dialog (e.g. security robot alarms with observation report, cleaner robot status reports)
  • Straightforward upload of software updates and remote maintenance of the robot by the manufacturer

robart Smart Home is an innovative control tool that offers not only the relevant USPs, but also opens up additional advantages such as efficient Customer Relationship Management.

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